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2015-11-27 Black Friday Run

The Running Streak only demanded 3 miles but I was off work to recover from the Thanksgiving food and drink orgy and decided to do a short (but slightly longer than prescribed) pub run.  Trowbridge and Westbury Stations being direct shots to Swindon, they got the nod as the start and end nodes.

The plan was simple enough…jog up to the Wiltshire Yeoman for a pint because I suspected it would be open early (it was).  From there, loop around to the Rising Sun for another then do some farm track and permissive path off-roading to the Players in an industrial park a mile or so from the end point.

Unfortunately, the Sun no longer rises (photo below) and I had to adjust my plan by stopping off at Long’s, instead.  This made for an unpleasant mile-and-a-half in heavy traffic on a narrow road but the Sun (the actual burning blob in the sky) came out for a brief while during this segment, too.

The train is every two hours so I was on a tight schedule and had to skip the Royal Oak in Hawkeridge in favour of the Players.  It is still on the list to-do, but the approach by road sucks so it will have to be in drier weather so overland routes will be viable.


Rising Sun no more Trowbridge



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