Bird In Hand, Saltford, Somerset   1 comment

Bird in Hand Saltford from Rail Trail

It was 10:30 when I ran past the Bird in Hand along the Rail Trail so too early to stop in for a bevvy but also only 4.9 miles into 15 planned so I soldiered on out past a recreational/historical railway site and turned around about 10 minutes after the rain commenced (certainly a sign that I had gone far enough).  The deluge slowed and the sun peaked through as I approached the pub a second time and my GPS showed 10.2 miles so I was spot on for distance.

Bird in Hand Saltford from bar

The pub seemed to be preparing for a lunch crowd but there were already some drinkers around when I crashed in and got an Otter ale which had the hoppy bitterness of a rusted section of rail…that’s a good thing, btw.  It is a big house with a young staff but a perfectly archaic curmudgeon running the show.  Best place I’ve found on the trail, so far (okay, first place, but a good one).

Find it on the canal, or by road with this map.

Bird in Hand Saltford



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