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Dolphin Bath sign

I rolled in the Dolphin, about 13 miles into the day’s trot, with Joy Division ringing in my ears (I am incredibly hard of hearing and am sometimes surprised how loud I have my mp3 tuned up).  I don’t know why this was the case, but as it turned out it was the day before I watched a documentary about the band and 14 years to the day after George Harrison slipped the coil whilst me and Jackie smoked up the last pot I grew in the United States listening to the inevitable radio tributes to him (although I have never heard one like that for our Ian).

Anyway, I dragged my ass into the pub and saw a 25 – ish year old kid looking a bit weird and mildly dangerous at the bar with half his pint of lager sitting there while I ordered the nearest thing to an unknown ale I could do (there were 2 on offer).  An older (even than me) fellow walked in and the kid knew him and they exchanged pleasantries.  The newcomer wanted to cancel a Christmas season table booking because the gran (his wife’s but she must’ve been a relic!) who they always booked this for had just passed.  We all offered our best, and I offered a round which he declined (to my great regret for, if no better reason, this write-up).

Bummer, really, but the biggest bummer to me was the conversation he had with the manager.  She suggested he contact the pub for re-booking by Facebook because they currently didn’t have phone or internet service.  Nothing says a doomed pub, more…great sound system there, ye vultures, and other accoutrements if you are interested (but you owe me a pint for the tip…buy ’em up and pay me off, motherfuckers).

Here it is on a map.

Dolphin Bath



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