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Players Westbury sign b

The day’s run was full of surprises.  Some were pleasant like the Wiltshire Yeoman, others less so like the Long’s Arms.  The biggest and best surprise, though, had to be the Players, a ‘pub’ in a cavernous industrial building with a vast pool hall upstairs.

Players Westbury downstairs

I freely admit that I went out of my way to attend the venue with the intent of cruelly mocking the place.  I mean, of course I did…a brief glance at the FAQ finds only seven questions and one of those is about the duration you can expect to be barred when (not if) it happens.  The house Terms and Conditions are similarly amusing.

So, sliding the big lock bar on the heavy gate to gain entry to the compound I was a-tingle with excitement over just how dreadful the venue was going to be.

Instead, I was greeted by one of the most marvellously affable and funny bar maids (I reckon the manager?) I have met in ages, got a delicious pint and listened to some of the more imaginatively collected late 70’s rock and early 80’s non-synth music whilst meeting each of the half-dozen or so denizens that passed through.  This is a proper pub, unlike so many others that dress the part.  I really long to see the place packed, sometime.

Here’s the map.

Players Westbury



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