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Victoria Bath

Incredibly nice folk at the Victoria and I reckon they are very good at the food because there are so many houses like this that are not only worse at the public service but don’t even know how far they have their heads jammed up their asses, whereas this staff is both comfortable and GOOD at hospitality (rare traits, indeed).

But, they seem painfully uncomfortable at the whole pub thing (I was almost begged to order food — in my sweaty and rain-soaked state at the end of a 15+ mile run).  Pity..they are probably better RESTAURANT people than most that I’ve seen in this country in the last 7 years ( and I’m backing this up with 10 years experience in both pub and kitchen work albeit AGES ago in the states).

Anyway, too many pubs become restaurants and too many restaurants try to be pubs and they are all doomed for exactly that issue.  This one, as well, and it pains me the same as when I say that if we aren’t going to cut ourselves off Saudi oil to force the cocksuckers into the fight then we need to pull out of the mid-East, wholesale.  Great people and I wish them the best (the pub people, not the camel-shaggers), somewhere else…not long from now but far-and-away from the proper drinks trade (both the waitrons and the towel heads).

There’s not a picture of the Prophet Mohammed in the next photo, unless you want to find one.  I offer all my offense in the previous paragraph, but find what you want, assholes.

Okay, too much drink this evening.  Not an excuse.  In fact, more of a personal challenge.  Off to mix one more beverage, you hummus-soaked-motherfuckers.

Spoilt for choice in Bath, to find this one use this map.

Victoria Bath bar



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