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November 2015 run chart

Last month here,

A few interesting runs this month including one in London to see where Joe Meek murdered his landlady and committed suicide (and produced some of the most sublime pop music of the 60’s).  There was also a celebratory run in Andover after the cancer all-clear and a literary run in Stroud, Painswick and Slad to explore the setting for Cider With Rosie.

The Cider With Rosie run included one of the funniest lines that I have forgotten to include in the original post and so include it here.  I was dashing in the rain down a steep hill from Painswick toward Slad and there was an old, stooped dude working his way up the hill using a walking stick.  A Land Rover pulled up beside him and the driver waved him in as I approached but the door was locked.  She tried to unlock it as he pulled on the latch and I came to a sliding halt with no room to pass.  They did this a couple of more times and it made me smile when he just yelled at her, “thank you, anyway.”  “Tough luck,” I commented and he looked up and said, “bitches be trippin'” then moved on his way. It is hard to run while laughing that hard.


Milf Street Swindon


Then, the annual Holiday Running Streak began and I have been hard at it the last 10 days (with 33 ahead of me).  Good treks on this one included the Trowbridge to Westbury pub dash and the Bristol and Bath Rail Trail run.  The monthly statistical breakdown is as follows:

November total: 171.1 miles
Average run (μ) was 6.84 miles with std dev (σ) of 3.28.
Runs more than μ+2σ (ie, 13.4 miles): 14.3 miles on 22 Nov and 15.4 miles on the 28th.
Year to date: 2242.7 miles so 2500 is still a possibility despite the slack performances in January, September, October, and the first part of November.

2015-11-22 Swindon Surrealist Art Installation Old Town Co-Op

Old Town Still Life at the Co-Op



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