Baby Love, Oxford   1 comment

Baby Love Oxford

It was the night of the office Christmas Party and, as it was in town this year, I didn’t really have a good way out of it.  Hitting a bar beforehand seemed wise and I had noticed a month or so ago that the Castle had changed names to Baby Love; assuming it was still a gay bar, I reckoned it would be safely remote from co-workers.  Turns out, it was safely free of any other human life save for the bartender and two barflies.


Baby Love Oxford bar
As you can see, it was also safely remote from most things on tap, and I settled for a £4.30 pint of Estrella and settled in for the musical selections.  When I used to come in for lunch (still avoiding co-workers), the music tended to be camp and quite unlistenable.  Still painfully unhip, the sounds were much more ironic: sea shanties, goth dirges, some electronic dance crap, and, at one point, Axl Rose screaming for 3 minutes. Weird.

Here’s the map.

Baby Love Oxford ready for business


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