Xmas Siege 2015   3 comments

Neither Jackie nor I feel Christmassy this year, even more so than normal.  We don’t usually travel on Christmas opting instead to hole up; other orphans around the labs and the social circuit are always invited but none ever attend which is just as well.  And, this year, nothing about the holiday season has grabbed us.

I do almost all the household cooking year round and during the annual Siege I do very little else.  This year, we went a little lighter on everything as we are slipping past middle age and our tenuous health can’t really suffer our normal indulgences as readily as in days of yore.  I decided to do some makeshift accounting of my intake.  It isn’t exactly precise but I can use it to compare next year if I survive till then.

wine rack start

The furry sommelier inspects his realm

At sunrise on the 23rd, we had in (for two of us, sure, but also in the event someone takes my invitation to heart):

1 L vodka
1 bottle rum
16 20 red wines (4 added Christmas Eve)
2 white wines
5 bottles prosecco
2 bottles of port
1/2 bottle cherry brandy
2 bottles Vin Santo
5 L Mango cider

We also have an absolutely rammed fridge and overflowing kitchen cabinets, which would normally be sufficient for 2 weeks of dining.  I decided that the booze accounting will be easier by difference between the ending inventory and the tare weight, above, and I’ll make an attempt, at the end, to put numbers on my total personal gluttony (food-wise) from the daily menus.  Hopefully, can make it till Boxing Day is over (update probably on the 27th…till then, Happy Festivus).

food start



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