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2015-12-24 Wood Street doorway Swindon

Here’s the update on the Christmas Siege (spoiler, we came through it in especially good nick, for a change).

The holiday started with the traditional first day, Festivus (which I believe is the 23rd of December).  We really didn’t go so overboard this year, after all, which is nice.  Day 1 actually saw me take in fewer food calories all day than I expended on the morning run, alone (although the liquid diet probably covered the spread).  I had a modest breakfast of coffee, a Goody powder, fig bars, eggs, sausages, almonds, and milk; after the run I rehydrated with a cider, and for supper we had chicken/apple/walnut salads and a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc (preceded and followed by some cocktails) — plus a dessert of Stilton and crackers chased with port.  Decadent but incredibly reserved compared to years past.

2015-12-25 bloody


Christmas Eve I added four more bottles to the wine rack after a last-minute grocery shop to fetch my egg nog ingredients for breakfast.  We kept supper simple with the chiles rellenos bake then settled into “A Charlie Brown Christmas” (delighting in the misremembered lines like “RATS! Everything I touch turns to shit,” and, “this commercial dog will not fuck up my Christmas.”)

Christmas morning is the time for the miraculous Bloody Mary recipe, and it was an especially tasty batch this year largely because it wasn’t medicinal for a change and led into a hearty breakfast of sausages, mushrooms and eggs without the usual fear that hangover would progress to haemorrhage.

The meal on the big day was grand but not hard to finish: a single guinea fowl stuffed with the sauce leftover from Thanksgiving, cornbread dressing, green beans and asparagus.  We didn’t even make it into the second bottle of wine before the pumpkin pie with whipped cream and hot buttered rum.

2015-12-25 guinea fowl pancetta Georgian sauce

I made the biscotti again this year and, yet, we had not touched the Vin Santo, an error corrected on Boxing Day after a lunch of the meagre leftovers concluded.

So, that’s the food; the booze damage was not so bad, either, which is a pleasant surprise.  The liter of vodka is gone as is half the bottle of rum but we only made it through four bottles of table wine (3 red, 1 white), 3 prosecco, 2 liters of the mango cider, and half a bottle of the Vin Santo.

In prior four-day Christmas blocks since we moved to England, this intake would easily have been ‘per person,’ and in Tucson (with the beer- and champagne-miles to run, and so many bartenders to pay a social visit to) this could easily have been ‘per-person-per-day,’ so I feel pretty good about the whole thing.

2015-12-26 where did my Cracker Crown go




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