Monthly Run Review — December 2015 (final one for awhile)   Leave a comment

2015-12-31 December Run Chart

The run streak overshadows everything in December and, as it was initially combined with my early training schedule for the Siracusa Marathon (which the ‘organizers’ decided to postpone from April 2016 to sometime in 2017, or so), some of the daily runs were double dips and most were longer than should have been attempted without a break.  I’m quite sore with 2 days remaining in this nonsense.

The total for the month was 272.8 miles in 33 runs for an average (μ) of  8.3 and standard deviation (σ) of  3.5 miles.  The outlying runs (greater than μ+2σ = 15.3) were 17.7 and 17.2 miles on the 12th and 26th, respectively.

spinal section


An awful lot of the runs were pre-dawn or post-dusk, so the photography suffered a bit as well.  On top of all that, I suffered a cracked ‘lateral process’ (the wing-like bits on the vertebrae labelled ‘superior articular process’ on the picture snagged from the Mayo Clinic, above) close to my right kidney in a drunken (and possibly drugged) fall after the office Xmas Party which made the following two-and-a-half weeks especially challenging (my knees were banged up pretty good, as well).  The pain was tremendous and seemed like a large kidney stone but the GP was concerned with the swelling and sent me in for some x-rays which uncovered the fracture…could’ve been a lot worse.

It may take a few days to get around to it, but I have an annual update planned at which point this year-long running update experiment will cease.  It’s been fun, though.  Individual updates will continue as merited but, for now I’m taking a break.


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