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2015 run chart

Total: I’ve never done 2500 miles in a year before and probably never shall again.  But, after the build up to the Ridgeway Challenge I had loads of miles in my pocket so that the Holiday Running Streak made the goal’s attainment a distinct possibility.  As I entered this last phase the Saturday before Thanksgiving I needed to average just over 8 miles per day to hit the target — easy-peasy.  I broke through the 2500 mile membrane at approximately 7:30 am Tuesday the 29th of December.

Shite Court Swindon

Commute runs: Many of the runs, this year, took the form of commutes to or from work although living 32 miles away along a busy road (much farther via civilized routes) dictates that at least some of the route uses alternative (motorised) transport.  These commutes involve either running to or from work to a bus stop (usually 7 or 8 miles) or, at the other end, to or from the house (3-6 miles depending on the route and time available).  At the Oxford end of the trip I covered 552.4 miles in 80 commuter runs (average 6.9 miles) while on the Swindon end the net was 170.5 in 32 runs (5.3 miles on average).

Bunnies Lane Rowde sm

Racing:  I have grown to despise most races because the crowds are a pain in the ass and my co-participants either get in the way because they’re trying to gain some competitive advantage (wasted on me) or because they are the most fabulous people in the world and their conversations with their friends are more important than common courtesy like leaving room for faster traffic aft.  I haven’t repeated a race in years, either, so a few that are actually fairly civilised and cover pretty territory get skipped over.  The few I bothered with in 2015 were:

Rough and Tumble 10 (10+ miles) in January which included a bit of a run to and from the race.

Teddy Hall Relays which I would do again, once, as a team member (I did all four legs of this edition of the trot)

The Ridgeway Challenge which was my White Whale, this year, and after which I sort of fell into a depression.

bunny people Cirencester

The bloggy bits: The year of training heavily demanded some imagination to keep things interesting for me and resulted in a few decent run write-ups, vis:

11.5 miles of mud was a January loop north of Chippenham in fields turned to an icy bog

Stroud to Nailsworth and back a decent, long-ish pub run along an old rail trail, mostly

2015-07-07 Bunny sign-off


Maasstricht, America, and Belgium stoned jogs through southern Holland and northeastern Belgium

Wysis Way poorest waymarking in this land of missing and misleading waymarks, just over 30 miles worth

2015-06-08 bunny christadelphian sign


London Rock ‘n’ Roll Run landmarks and album covers sought and found in the big city

Tidworth and broken finger run (note, only one other broken bone this year — barring possible stress fractures, of course)

Two Tunnels Greenway lovely bit of Bath worth another visit

Vote Naked

Telstar Run pre-dawn run through north London looking for a Rock and Roll murder site

Andover after cancer all-clear not exactly celebratory, but a relief all-the-same

South end of Endless Street


Cider with Rosie Run any run in the Cotswolds is good, this one was a hoot

Bristol/Bath Rail Trail best British graffiti of the year’s trails


Milf Street Swindon


Then, the aforementioned Holiday Run Streak commenced (and finishes tomorrow) giving the year a final surge.

Monthly, the year fell out like this:

Month miles  total
January 130.0 130.0
February 166.2 296.2
March 216.4 512.6
April 227.8 740.4
May 256.1 996.5
June 236.1 1232.6
July 303.4 1536.0
August 252.9 1788.9
September 122.5 1911.4
October 150.2 2061.6
November 171.1 2232.7
December 272.8 2515.5


Run Charts Through The Year:

2015-03-01 running week chart

2015-03-08 running week chart

2015-03-15 week run chart


Realised I fucked up the text colours...DOBorodin, 28 June 2015

Realised I fucked up the text colours…DOBorodin, 28 June 2015

2015-03-29 running chart

2015-04-05 week running chart

2015-04-12 run week chart

2015-04-19 weekly run chart

2015-04-26 weekly run chart

2015-05-03 weekly run chart

2015-05-10 week's runs

2015-05-17 running chart for the week

2015-05-24 running chart for the week

2015-05-31 weekly run chart

2015-06-07 week run graph

2015-06-04 running week chart

2015-06-21 run week chart

2015-06-28 run week chart

2015-07-05 week run chart

2015-07-12 week run chart

2015-07-19 week run chart

2015-07-26 week run chart

2015-08-02 run week chart

2015-08-09 run chart

2015-08-16 run week chart

2015-08-23 run week chart

2015-08-31 run week and a day chart

September 2015 run chart

October Run Chart

November 2015 run chart

2015-12-31 December Run Chart


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