Oliver Plunket, Cork, Ireland, New Year’s Eve 2015   1 comment

Oliver Plunkett NYD Cork side street

I was going to avoid the Plunkett because I reckoned on a tourist venue and in busier tourist times it might well have been but in the bleak midwinter it was mostly locals.  And, on New Year’s Eve it was absolutely crammed.

Our first stop was on the ground floor for a pint each and while my Beamish settled the drummer and bass player started sound checking.  Cool, the band was getting ready to start…and there was an empty few square feet right next to the stage so we moved in next to what turned out to be The Hot Guitars with a lead singer that looks just like Joe Cocker’s much older brother should (and sounds like his much younger one should).  These old dudes rocked, albeit with all covers.  By the time they got to “We’ve Gotta Get Outta This Place,” I was ready to move on just for the sake of the noise.

Oliver Plunkett NYE Cork Finnegan's Wake

We moved upstairs along with some scruffily dressed older fellows who headed to the stage as we approached the bar.  There was a place, again, by the stage when we got out beverages and we parked there near another old guy who had just fetched the band (Finnigan’s Wake) some beverages for the set.

They were grand, too.  The highlight for me was when 30 seconds after I thought of the song “Barrett’s Privateers” the fiddle player shouts out to the crowd, “are there any Canadian’s here?” [Barrett’s is kind of the unofficial anthem of the Canadian Navy and one of the bleakest shanties you could ever hope to hear, and an all time fave of mine.]

Jackie has been suffering an awful bout of flu but bravely made it till midnight to celebrate the 30th and then kept on till close till 2 which is why I spent most of the weekend bar crawling alone after this. The exterior shots were from early the next morning when I was running off the drink and she was spending the the first of three days in bed.


Oliver Plunkett NYD Cork



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