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Castle Inn Cork

I took a web recommendation for the Castle that went, essentially, “locals wouldn’t tell you to go here but you won’t get any more local than this.”  They went on to describe it, quite accurately, as just the sort of boozer I would hope to find in ANY town worldwide.

You spot the place on the first day of 2016 and walk in to find it still occupying sometime in the late 1960s and in quite a smaller city than the small, Irish city you exited when you entered this time capsule.  There are no chairs which could be used as a weapon … not at all that that is in the cards at this friendliest of the friendly houses we visited this trip; instead, the wall has a low bench along the walls (although there is a small room with a lockable door adjacent to the end of the bar that was locked up for a meeting of a group of gentlemen that seemed to have important business and drinking to sort).

And, they sell medicated snuff if you’re interested.  Another Beamish for me and a half hour watching a Rugby League match with the bartender interrupted occasionally by some regulars who seemed to be bemused by any strange face walking in but especially one with a foreign accent.  I’m going back there every visit to Cork.  So should you.

Castle Inn Cork bar


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