Charlie’s, Cork, Ireland and Lee Sessions Part 2   1 comment

Charlies Cork

We finally made it to a Lee Session together on Sunday at Charlie’s. This is a spectacular pub, all rough edges and bullshit-free and we were early enough to grab a pew each at the corner of the bar about arm’s length from one of the flutes.

And, the music was brilliant. Three fiddles, 2 bodhrans, 2 squeezeboxes, 2 flutes/whistles, a banjo, and a guitar with another fiddler waiting in the wings. During one of the breaks between improvs, another spectator stood up and began to sing with this booming and heartbreakingly beautiful voice a song that was both funny and tragic about a soldier and his girlfriend (and, albeit several counties away, his wife). A few instrumentals after this another fellow filled in with another a cappella effort. Simply lovely.

Charlies Cork Lee Session


A couple of kegs were delivered while we were there and the barman and landlady (I think) rolled them behind the bar. The fella ran up a spiral staircase, inexplicably. All became clear as a lift bucket/dumbwaiter was lowered by winch through the ceiling with a portrait of grinning Bob Marley on the bottom. Apparently they cellar their beer in the attic (odd, but the river would probably rule out a cellar).


Charlies Cork bar

Who the Fuck is Mick O’Flannery?


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