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Handle Bar Oxford sign

An early day in and working through lunch, for a change, translated to an early day out and I headed toward the bus past a burrito bar but decided that if I skipped the late snack and ran I might make the 4:05 trip.  Fortunately, the sign for the Handle Bar caught my eye as I lumbered past.


Handle Bar Oxford busy tea time

I’ve walked past this bike shop roughly a thousand times in my years at Oxford and never noticed that they have a café upstairs.  From the only the crowd this afternoon tea time, it appears I am easily the ONLY person never to have spotted it (or, indeed, that it is absolutely brilliant).

Handle Bar Oxford Schoefferhofer

Okay, let’s be complete about this…the customer base are 20-something middle-class wankers and the staff are all hipster doofuses (doofi?); but the service is good, the beer choice adequate, and their cocktails are cheap and strong (if limited).  And the atmosphere, despite those drawbacks, is quite pleasant.

Near the burrito place, here.
Handle Bar Oxford


Posted January 18, 2016 by Drunken Bunny in Pubs

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