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Bank Bristol sign

I wandered a bit astray of the St Nicholas Market and looped around back into the neighbourhood after passing through the old city gate.  Climbing a side street, the Bank Tavern appeared.  Inside it was crowded and friendly but a bit yuppie for my taste…nice folks but not my folks.


Bank Bristol bar

What was to my taste was the Box Steam stout I fetched then quickly appropriated a recently vacated seat.  I doubled back to the bar and chose the Guardian from the stack of newspapers at the end of the bar.

Along the way to the bottom of the glass I overheard someone at the big table blather, “Jimmy Savile, you see, is completely different from Gary Glitter,” and then he went on to try to justify for Mr Glitter, but not Mr Savile, their equally reprehensible behaviour because Gary Glitter was a celebrity due to a skill, a craft (as opposed to Jimmy Savile who was just “famous for being famous”).  Almost worth a second pint to hear how this one played out, or if this guy was just one of these fans.

Bank Bristol




Posted January 20, 2016 by Drunken Bunny in Pubs

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