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Phoenix Bristol

The day was all about earnest pretentiousness. We were in Bristol as Fellow Travellers attending the Southwest Regional Socialist Party Meeting (our first smaller group outing despite participation in the UK-wide meetings Socialism 2015, Socialism 2013, and Socialism 2012) and welcomed as friends and comrades by all and sundry.

2016-02-06 SWSPM Bristol 1

A long talk by Peter Taafe — mostly about schisms in the Labour Party brought on by Corbyn’s leadership win and similar disharmony amongst the Tories over the EU-In-Or-Out question — was followed by 15 or 16 reasonably-impromptu 5-7 minute reports on various aspects of the Workers’ Movement and ancillary agendas from Cornwall to Wiltshire.  We needed air and food after Taafe’s recap and acknowledgements went on well into the allotted lunchtime and dashed through the torrential rains across the square to the Phoenix.

Citizen Smith

It’s hard to predict the impression we might have had of the bar had we wandered into it without 3 hours of anecdotes on the suffering that this government’s austerity policies are responsible for, but even a day later we find the prices a bit steep and the target audience a bit middle-class.  Mind you, our burgers were tasty at first, my craft ale as bitter and astringent as anything you might find ’round Denver or Portland, and the architectural features interesting, but nothing that justified the sort of Eurotrash snootieness of the waitron (I hesitate to elevate this character to ‘bartender’) or, indeed, the pompous description of the food (both burger buns were scorched, we wound up with raging heartburn and everything seemed especially salty, in retrospect).

Here’s where it sits.

Phoenix Bristol near bar


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