Elegant (but Racist) Physics Proposal   Leave a comment


Out for a run, there was a long science programme on Radio 4 about the detection of gravitational waves.  Upon hearing one of the analysts saying that now the experiment must be repeated in more extreme sites and in more ways “to try to find chinks in Einstein’s theory,” I was stopped dead by a potential research funding idea.

My answer to this challenge is not an original idea but its simplicity and elegance cannot be denied: get the entire population of the People’s Republic of China to jump, simultaneously, off chairs.  You can use the same detectors in Washington and Louisiana and couple the data with that from seismographs.  Now, I just need a physics professor to get on board as a co-applicant for funding….

Billion Chinese


Posted February 11, 2016 by Drunken Bunny in Made Me Laugh, work

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