Stagecoach Swindon’s Bus Depot Closure and Their Shitty Customer Service   1 comment

Last bus out of Eastcott Hill Depot

I like old buses, but I’ve been put on notice that if I start a notebook or go out bus spotting that would be considered grounds for divorce and fair enough to that.

bus enthusiasts

But, Jackie likes the historical and industrial design aspects of the machines so we found our way down to a one-off event on an old bus (a refurbished Bristol VR from the mid-1960s) along with a lot of other codgers (Jax was one of only 2 women on the trip and the other works for the bus company).

all aboard

It was kind of a cool ride as they took the long way to the bus station but the route headed down Marlborough Road prompting me to suggest that this was a ruse to round-up mental patients and we were soon to be under sedation with the rest of our cohort down at the hospital.  But, the bus turned at the last roundabout before the wards so we were safe.

bus has posh refurbishments

Some of these photos are from the event described in the earlier and the last paragraph of this post.  In the meantime, let me tell you about getting fucked by the bus company.

I started getting my ticket on a recurring monthly payment plan that is the same price as the 4 week ticket but for locking into monthly payments you get a full calendar month.  Turns out, that calendar month is only February in leap years.


Mine commenced the 1st day of February and ran until the 29th like it was supposed to.  Cool.

Monthly or 29 day

The next payment was automatically withdrawn and March was credited as 1-29 March.  When I asked about this, daily, for 3 days I eventually got a response — not about the shortage of credits but about the date my payments were due each month (which I didn’t ask in any of my correspondence).  After several more emails explaining that fact, I was told that they consider a month to be 4 weeks “which is 28 days.”  I wrote three more times explaining that the 1st to the 29th is in fact 29 days (you know…the 1st is one day, the 1st and 2nd are two days, the 1st through 3rd are three days…extrapolate) and that the company’s Terms and Conditions which prompted me to spend my cash in good faith explicitly says it is a monthly ticket.  No response to any of that so now I have to go through a fucking arbitrator.  Assholes.  You can understand why there are signs all over the place begging that you don’t assault the staff.


In Atlanta, the bus depot (where they go after the last ride of the day) is called Laredo, which made it sound like the end of the cattle drive (which is oddly appropriate for public transport).  But, I like old buses so I jumped at the opportunity to ride the last one out of the old depot in our neighbourhood.  Despite their shitty customer service that would get them shot in an old west cow town: “Happy Trails!”


Vintage Bus Ride



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