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Isabella's Porthcawl Hake

I was surprised to find myself adding to the Fish and Chips tally in Isabella’s although I was pretty sure it was going to happen while at the seaside.  We stopped in for lunch to get the 2 course set meal and Jackie had already chosen the parma wrapped asparagus starter and swordfish in cream for her main which I wanted.  It’s a neurosis I have that I don’t like to have the same meal as my date so I started with steamed mussels and followed up with battered and fried hake.  The mussels came as a massive bowl of perfectly steamed treats swimming in the steaming liquor which seamed to be a mild fish broth with shallots and which I could have made an entire meal of.  There was a side of potato nuggets we split, as well.

The hake was a revelation: fishier than cod or haddock but with little residual flavour to clean with the salad.  The meals and a nice bottle of rosé set us back £32 altogether.  This is on every day at lunch but the mains and starters change daily.  Go.


Isabella's Porthcawl

(Note: this post is a continuation of the 2014 Chippy Challenge, with all related entries linked to this map)


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