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Seabank Hotel Porthcawl Smugglers Bar

We had time to kill before the show and wanted to watch the sun set over the sea so we wandered up to the Seabank Hotel, a deco structure we saw just beyond the Grand Pavilion.  Eventually, we found the bar and were easily the youngest people in the place — we expected to find a sign saying something along the lines of, “If you look younger than 75, please have your i.d. ready.”  And, even though we had smartened up our outfits for the evening we still seemed a bit out-classed by most of the crowd.  I expected astronomical drink prices.

Seabank Hotel Porthcawl whiskey


Double vodka: £2.90.  Double whisky: £2.90.  My god…this place is a WONDERLAND.  And, as you had to climb a couple of stairs to get to the only window seats looking south and west on the ocean side, we were the only folks spry enough to claim the spot.  Brilliant.

Seabank Hotel Porthcawl





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