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Yeoman Bristol

The thin, brindle-and-white pit-bull surprised me down in Stockwell by nipping at the hat I was carrying.  The run had been fairly solitary to that point and I could easily have done without the company.  But, she was eager to play and I thought if I killed a couple of minutes with her the owner would emerge.  However, there was always the danger that she was just running free and now I would be stuck with her (which I was) as we ran together toward Wells Road.  I figured I could always just return the way I came if we got that far.

At the busy road, a skinny, middle-aged guy whistled and she ran toward him.  “Alright, Nadja?  Who’s your friend?”  I said my name and told him about the puppy encounter. “Piotr lets her roam.  No worries…I’ll get her home.  Fancy a pint?”  Of course, and so the three of us wandered up to the Yeoman.

2016-03-15 Brislington run map

It’s a fizzy bar, full of lagers and carbonated ciders and as part of the Sizzling chain it is kind of a diner, as well (but no one was dining at 11 am).  I had a Blackthorn which is sort of an industrial cider and we talked a bit about the neighbourhood and the Trump candidacy for President but soon, like everyone else in the place, started focusing silently inward.

I surveyed the crowd of 6 other punters at six other tables and realised they were all wiry, mean-looking little fuckers.  “Is this a jockey bar?” I asked and my partner shot me a look that said in no uncertain terms that I should probably refrain from following up on that line of inquiry.  That the hardened hoodlums in this area are also diminutive made me smile so broadly that my mouth felt like it was going to crack.  “I really need to get back on the trail, anyway,” I said, downing the rest of the cider and giving our Nadja a quick cuddle.

The start and end of the run was in an industrial park but there was one fairly interesting piece of architecture…not for the structure but for its decorative conceits.  Lindo makes fairly nice guitars and ample amplifiers so if you find yourself in Bristol with a few hundred quid burning a hole in your pocket and some fret callouses going soft, maybe you should stop in:

Lindo Showroom Brislington


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