Coastal Run and Hike (Porhcawl) and Bernie Shirts   2 comments

2016-03-17 run map Porthcawl

Out of the hotel for a hangover clearing run at sunrise, I passed in front of the Coney Beach Fun Park.  A recent mention of Beavis and Butthead in another blog was not responsible for the following photo choices (but, merely, my own juvenile sense of humour):

seaside fare Porthcawl

What makes this an American Diner?  Security cameras on all four corners:

seaside fare Porthcawl 3

Eat me?  Cherry popping? Is this a gelato shop or a swingers’ club?

seaside fare Porthcawl 2

The run worked its therapeutic magic and took me around this largely suburban burg (very middle class compared to Bridgend just up the road which looks like a dying town…1/3 of the shops closed and many of those remaining are charity shops or betting parlors).

Heading down the coast together on a hike after my run and a spot of breakfast in a café, we found many eye-catching sites:

acrobat sculpture Porthcawl

The geology of this part of the coastline is beautiful and daunting to cross:

coastline Porthcawl 1

There’s surfing in some parts.  Not exactly the Banzai Pipeline but they seem to be having fun:

coastline Porthcawl 2

Flower memorials were all along the beaches:

coastline Porthcawl 3

We followed the Coastal Path about 5 miles out then returned for some lunch ahead of the trip home.  Safely back in Swindon we found that this had been delivered from a friend in the States (I’ll still meet you for that beer if anyone wants to take me up on the original offer):

Bernie shirt 1

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