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2016-03-29 Christadelphian Sign ALT

The topic at the Christadelphian Meeting Hall for 10 April 16 (mock-up, above), shows up on their web site as Jesus said, “I come not for the righteous but call sinners to repentance” but has been posted on the church broadside as the 1 May baptism speech.  But, I’ve been watching a lot of politics, lately, and following the politician’s example I won’t let the question asked prevent me from answering the question I to which I wish to respond.




I don’t know about the righteous but when Jesus calls SINNERS (746-6377) in Dillard, Georgia he rings Earl Zoellner’s phone. In Los Angeles, he gets the Snack Mart; and, in Zion, Illinois it is the practice of Dental PC Partners. I didn’t do a comprehensive search on this but I found some that are kind of interesting.

For instance, the Rev Jimmie M Clark, 3790 Parks Rd, Lexington, NC 27292 sells ‘Clergy Vestments’ in the most ironic find. You can order up your robes at (336) 746-6377. That’s 336-SINNERS.

Doris Herzlinger, Ph.D. does research on Embryonic Development as Associate Professor of Physiology and Biophysics at Cornell University (using the SINNERS phone number in what the Christian right might find the most vindicating example).

My favourite has to be Precision Piano Tuning, Lowe Farm, Manitoba at (204) SINNERS. When I was about 12 and learning piano properly, my grandma (who had been one of those circus-sideshow-type tent revivalists that preceded televangelists) used to play the living shit out of the keys. Self taught and legally blind, she would find where she was on the keyboard by slapping a few chords and then tear into whatever gospel she felt like.

I was frustrated by the classical sheet music plopped in front of me by my tutor; Nanny asked, “well, what do you WANT to play, punkin?” “I don’t know, Nanny, how about showing me some of that whore house boogie woogie?” Precision Tuning could probably have helped me out and wouldn’t likely belt me across the ear for asking.

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