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Kesey and Tim


Tim’s clearcoat cured well and he looks lovely. I wandered around looking for the best place for him and spotted this other gnome I acquired on a birthday run a few years ago.  I spray painted him gold to make him look valuable but his freakish features gave Jackie the willies and he never acquired a name (although, when she didn’t refer to him as “that freak-ass gnome” she sometimes called him Shatner).


Tim back on duty


With Tim back on duty, it seemed reasonable to tidy up the other little feller.  He had a bunch of bubble flaws and I fixed the ones on his hat and some on his tunic with caulk but eventually gave up as he got a bit messy.


Kesey holes


I wanted to keep the psychedelic theme started with Tim (although I was tempted to paint this one into a Star Trek outfit or with the jockey silks’ colours of my Grand National pick this weekend or even a Cubs uniform), and initially was going to use Jerry Garcia as my model but he doesn’t look much like Jerry and I didn’t fancy trying to paint one of those dancing bears on his shirt or hat.  Instead, I went with a Ken Kesey in Merry Pranksters motif.


Kesey primed

Primer layer


Kesey is garish, as seemed appropriate, and the tie-dye tunic went through several iterations before I was satisfied with it — not exactly happy, but satisfied. The first daubs were leftovers from the shoes and trousers so Jackie asked if I was giving him a camouflage look; “yeah, camouflage at a Packers game,” I answered before explaining the long plan.


Mid-way through the process

Mid-way through the process


The hat was going to be based on a striped top hat I saw Garcia wear at a show in DC, but I decided to make it a wrapped up American flag after some deliberation.  The ice cream/gelato is pistachio, by the way.

Kesey Views


Kesey close-up



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  1. I think he turned out great! Fabulous job. In fact, you could prolly turn to this full-time in your dotage, if you’re so inclined. When you get there, I mean.


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