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Office mess alternative


Another try at the Observer Readers’ Pic submissions and the theme this week ‘messed’ with my head.  There was always the possibility of the mess on my desk (yes, that is the famous SIMA Ass Challenge patch just past the pile of spent batteries and next to the bag of Fischer high voltage connectors) which I eventually settled on due to lack of imagination and effort.  I like it, though, with the broken parts I’m awaiting replacements for (the fan and the pressure vessel burst disk), batteries for recycling that have been accumulating for 2 years, a bottle opener, and various and sundry office supplies and discarded packaging.  Somewhere under there is an orange that I brought to work my first week at Cambridge and forgot about; 7½ years later it is a desiccated reminder to eat more fruit.

While at work there was the employee mess (they like to call it the Atrium Cafe here) which should have worked since the building is modern and the terminology archaic, but none of the pictures seemed worthy.  As another alternative, I considered going Deep-South-colloquial with a lovely mess of greens soaking in the kitchen sink but on later examination the pictures were blurry and the greens already devoured.  Then again, the Mess Sessions happen at the Beehive Mondays (too late for this assignment, but I probably could have tracked them down).

Still not chosen by the editors, of course; next week’s theme is ‘raw’.  Here are this week’s editors’ picks:

Observer photos Mess


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