Robins Farm, Blunsdon, Wiltshire   1 comment

Robins Farm Blunsdon sign

The full-page (and front page) article on food safety in the Swindon Advertiser enticed me to check out the Robins Farm at my earliest convenience.  This turned out to be Sunday when I had a 16 mile run scheduled; I arrived at the remote compound (upper right spur on the map) at the 12 mile mark and found it overrun with diners (I will, ahem, charitably put it) and indoor temperatures and humidity akin to a sauna.


Robins Farm Run Route

I took my Timothy Taylor’s Landlord out to what is called the garden, a post-industrial apocalypse on the edge of the industrial estate but, thankfully, separated from it by the razor fencing so artistically adorning the compound.

Robins Farm Blunsdon beer

I don’t know if this will improve along with the weather.  The staff were A-1, by the way, and should be recruited for a better bar, restaurant, or what-have-you.  Pub map here.

Robins Farm Blunsdon



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