The Christopher Creeke, Bournemouth, Dorset   1 comment

Christopher Creek Bournemouth sign


Just look at the rack on that model on the pub sign: they don’t make dudes like Christopher Crabb Creeke, anymore.  This second Wetherspoons of the day’s run honours the man who built Bournemouth; in fact, it is the 2nd one with a Frankenstein connection: Sir Percy Florence Shelley was, like the book, the offspring of Mary Shelley who originally hired Creeke to do the interior design for her house here (there is another ‘Spoons named for her just over the next hill).

Creeke was also the first Sanitary Engineer in town and designed the first sewers.  I feel a connection, here: Sanitary Engineer is the old terminology for Environmental Engineer, my first profession (and if this blog isn’t all about shovelling shit, I don’t know what is).  There’s a statue that includes him and some other town fathers in front of the convention centre that we went to for the JC4PM concert the night before; Creeke is the one sitting on the toilet in the stock photo, below.


Creeke and Tregonwell


I arrived sweaty and, in the cool morning, steaming but not yet steaming in that way.  To correct this and to slake the thirst, I ordered a Ringwood 49er; the bartender just stared back at me as if I had asked for the beer in Swahili, so I repeated it, by now with a ten pound note in my hand.  “Pint of,” he asked reassured that I had the money to pay…we had already sussed that this is a posh town but I never expected a bartender pulling suds at 9 am to get uppity.

Here’s the map.


Christopher Creek Bournemouth




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