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Runs-scatter chart Jan-April 2016

The year has gotten off to a slow start as far as running goes.  There are few pubs within running distance or, for that matter, within running distance of a moderate bus or train journey so most of the runs are near home or work.  I’m counting on Jackie getting a new job that forces us to relocate to freshen things up but until then this is my lot.

Sick just after the New Year’s Holiday, I missed a week and slowly built back up; very slowly (the first double digits run didn’t come until 13 March).  From 1 February until 6 March, I targeted a 10% weekly mileage increase (the red trace, below, is my target mileage) which gave me a bit of focus until the time for my next training schedule arrived (the red trace AFTER the 10% growth curve).

Runs-7 day cumulatives Jan-April 2016

Commutes are the bits where I hop off the bus and do a segment of the bus route.  Of the 84 runs logged so far in 2016, 34 were ‘commutes’ accounting for 94.9 of the 498.6 miles so far.

Jan: 90.2 miles, 12 pubs (but 8 of those were in Ireland)

Feb: 111.8 miles, 1 pub (yikes)

Mar: 154.9 miles, 3 pubs

Apr: 141.7 miles, 6 pubs

As stated above, most runs were repetitive routes near work or the house, although some of these were worthy of mention (Robin’s Farm, Ruby Jack’s).  Out of town runs so far this year started with runs in Cork, Ireland; moving on to Bremen, Germany; then Bristol and Porthcawl.  This past week Jackie’s work took us to Highworth followed by a recreational visit to Bournemouth each of which were nice running breaks despite the bitter cold snap.

So, there’s the update…hopefully there’ll be more interesting bits to report at the end of August.



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