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I mock the Christadelphians’ childish beliefs (as I do those of all religions), but they have always been friends of The Tribe — perhaps too supportive of the abuses of Zionism, to be sure, but their work during the time of the Kinder Transport was more than exemplary. But, with the spectre of antisemitism rearing its head on this island, you could easily be forgiven if the first thing you think about is the cliché of guilt as a specifically Jewish trait.

My mockery, this week, also hopes to point out the dangers of the alluded to Christian belief: guilt, I put to you, is a social good in that it teaches those capable of empathy (I’m looking at you, nominee Trump) not to repeat their occasional bad actions.  It’s why I prefaced this indictment with a conciliatory note about the good that people of faith are capable of perpetrating, because I would remiss in not doing so (a Sin of Omission to compound this Sin of Commission).  A sociopath wouldn’t care and a Christian would just ask forgiveness from their God (but not necessarily from those real beings whom they have actually wronged).


Freedom from Guilt


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