Rose and Crown, Chilton, Oxfordshire   3 comments

Rose and Crown Chilton sign

Returning with one of the professors from a brief visit to Reading University, I got him to drop me on the slip road near the Science Park where the Diamond Light Source is.  Not bothering to change into running clothes for the half kilometer jog into Chilton, the Rose and Crown emerged forthwith.  Safely inside, I joined the landlord and a single drinker for a pint of Hooky.


Rose and Crown Chilton bar
A woman I passed on the way soon entered and sought assurance that her unruly mob would be welcome.  “Can you handle five ladies?” was how she put it and the merriment at this tame innuendo sustained the fellows for the next ten minutes.


Rose and Crown Chilton view
The women’s meeting chair was given the bad news that there would be no fish on the menu.  “Oh, yes, I heard.  The fryer is out.”  “Yes, it is, since just after lunch.”  It was obvious that the news had swept the village.

Look to the right in the picture, below…they have a separate Aunt Sally stadium, of sorts.  Pretty swish!

Here it is.

Rose and Crown Chilton


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