George and Dragon, Upton, Oxfordshire   2 comments

George and Dragon Upton sign


Out of the Rose and Crown the run continued toward the rails-to-trails path but the permissive paths to it have been diverted a bit and I found myself in a ravine with running water blocking progress…shit.  Scaling the steep sides of the valley and following a fence directly across the cut from the abandoned rail line, I eventually found the true path again and a half mile of fields later emerged next to the George and Dragon.


2016-05-05 Chilton to Didcot run map


It seemed busy for a Thursday evening but turns out there was a wedding party of about 30 people plus two groups of cyclists out in the beer garden and the normal village weirdos lining the bar.  This worked in my favour as the barmaid told me the price and I counted out precisely £3.05.

She returned with 25p change and, feeling dumb for hearing three-oh-five when I got change for a bill of £2.80, asked, “didn’t you say £3.05?”  Shooting a look that had ‘you cheap, cheeky sod’ written all over it she slowly replied, “three … pounds … sev … en … ty … five,”  as though I was some sort of retard (and fair enough).  Smiling back, I chirped, “thanks!” and went outside 95p richer than I should be.  I drank up while planning the next leg then headed to the third pub of the run.

Here’s this one.

George and Dragon Upton



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