Horse and Harrow, West Hagbourne, Oxfordshire   1 comment

Horse and Harrow West Hagbourne sign


The run from the George and Dragon to West Hagbourne was briefer than expected and just after emerging from a bough shaded stretch of road I spotted the Horse and Harrow with the Didcot Power Station looming beyond.  Excellent.

Horse and Harrow West Hagbourne approach


The landlord fetched my ale and his dog immediately became my drinking buddy.  The place was rammed with folk that looked as if they had either just gotten off work (still in overalls and boots) or that had been camped out at the bar since the doors were unlocked.  Likewise, excellent.


Horse and Harrow West Hagbourne companion


Sammy Davis, Jr crooned how he was “gonna build a mountain” in the background and the youngish barmaid answered my bar neighbour (one of the all-day residents) that she didn’t know any current pop and that she only listened to the jukebox;  looking around, I couldn’t spot it and asked the guy, “Is it a REAL jukebox or electronic?”  This led us into a long conversation about the merits of vinyl and the art of copying records to cassettes and the nostalgia of surface static.

Great house, worth the trip off the beaten path.

Horse and Harrow West Hagbourne


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