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Enterprise Holborn sign


With Jackie safely bundled off to her appointment in Holborn, I had time to explore the realm.  There are grand houses around but most of these house QC’s and others in the legal profession (several courts and law schools also stink up the area but the little parks dotted around are grand).  Not wanting to get too far afield with only 45 minutes to kill and the rains threatening a return, I popped into the Enterprise as I rounded, once more, on Red Lion Street.

There were five good beers on the pumps and I chose a Purity UBU then took up residence under the tarp covering the small, enclosed beer garden.  The rain recommenced and with it came some hail.  The walls became damp and the vines growing up these steep precipices seemed to expand while I watched.  Then, as I finished my beer the sun returned and my phone rang: Jackie was done with work and we could move on to drinking at another bar ahead of some London tourism further afield.

Here’s the pub map.

Enterprise Holborn

Posted May 12, 2016 by Drunken Bunny in Pubs

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