Penderel’s Oak, Holborn, London (pub #1482)   1 comment

Penderel's Oak Holborn


“Can I get a receipt for that?” I asked the bartender after paying £15.40 for a large glass of wine, a pint of porter and a packet of crisps. “Of course.”

“What do you need a receipt for?” Jackie demanded, obviously annoyed at the drinking delay. I gave her the universal hand gesture for ‘patience, sweet.’ The receipt came and showed that we had been charged twice for the large red; it took ages but eventually I got a little over 5 quid refunded. £3.90 was still steep in a Wetherspoons for the pint, but I was pretty certain it wasn’t over 9 quid; that may be why the cavernous house was nearly empty.

The pub is named for the tree in which Charles II hid from Cromwell’s forces with the assistance of Richard Penderel, a life tenant on the farm where the event happened (near Worcester). The Royal Oak is the more common name for the tree and for pubs named after Chuck’s refuge.  The building in which the pub sits is Penderel House.

Oh, I am putting the ordinal number of the pubs in the titles of these postings (this one is the 1481st) up until the 1500th, which is coming up soon. Other than that, I’m not making as big a deal out of this milestone as I did out of the 100th, the 500th, or the 1000th.

Here’s a pub map of the area.


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