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Berkeley Bristol

Jackie’s site visits took us to the University of Bristol the morning of Friday the 13th and left to my own devices for an hour I toured the campus then drifted into the Berkeley for nourishment.  CAMRA promotes May as Mild Month and I usually don’t have a problem finding several on offer; but, alas, I settled for a not-so-mild-but-still-dark porter that I paid a pound more for just two days earlier (so this one tasted at least 25% better):

Berkeley Bristol night porter

The house was overrun with lads from the building trade having group breakfasts.  I don’t find the concept strange, per se, but it was after 10 am and I distinctly remember starting work around sunrise (or earlier) when I was a carpenter’s apprentice in 1979-81…these guys hadn’t even rolled into their job sites, yet.  Fucking lay abouts (and not one of them was drinking a proper pint).

I’ve been popping these stickers in pubs where they will be found, eventually, and noted corrugation on the under-surface of my table.  The photo shows some gum; the tables fold, so there’s no GOOD excuse not to clean them.

For directions, use this map.

Berkeley Bristol under table 27


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