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Atlanta Fulton County Stadium_0001

Right out of the Olden Times, here’s a postcard of Atlanta Fulton County Stadium before the first pitch or kick-off (and before the Beatles played here).  I was waiting for Jackie and killing time in a charity shop in Bristol when I spotted this one, which is now on its way to Debra.


Atlanta Fulton County Stadium_0002


It’s from about 1966, I reckon.  In 1996, it was superseded by Turner Field (built for the Olympics) which itself is too outdated for the corporate version of baseball (dragging its whore ass out to the suburbs to be safely away from black people who aren’t playing on the field).  Fuck Atlanta.

Turner Field

The car park with the baseball diamond painted on it is the site of the photo at the top…our place was just right (and later left) of the midtown skyline in the distance.

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