Bell Inn, Ruislip, Middlesex (pub #1486)   3 comments

Bell Inn Ruislip


We had lunch in Ruislip followed by a walk around to look at potential neighbourhoods to move to when we suddenly realised we were busting for a pee (one each, thank you).  Like most of this country, the closest thing to a public loo was the space between two closely parked cars (Jackie balked at the suggestion) so I sought out a pub.

At the door of the Bell Inn we were met by an Alan Davies tribute act (y’know, if Alan had let himself go a bit).  Inside, there was a games room and a main and side bar — actually just the one bar but more dining space available off to the side.  It was a splendid Friday afternoon crowd, there was test match cricket on the giant screen behind Jackie, and the Doom Bar and large red wine didn’t break the bank.  Definitely worth a second look in sometime.

Here’s the map…near the Ruislip Gardens tube station.


Bell Inn Ruislip bar


Posted May 22, 2016 by Drunken Bunny in Pubs

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