Argyll Arms, Oxford Circus, London (pub #1489)   1 comment

Argyle Arms Oxford Circus

I arrived “To The Gills,” as it were…stoned to them, of course, and also full of fish; or, maybe it should be “to the ‘Gylls.” By sheer luck or, perhaps, by the continued actions/echoes of the Infinite Improbability Drive that seemed embedded in my ever trusty towel, I exited Oxford Circus tube station directly across from the Argyll Arms. Here’s a condensed version of what my serendipitous Rastaman told me.

Argyle Arms Oxford Circus bar from above


The publisher Nick West had been turned on to the last couple of episodes of the radio series Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy and thought that it might make a decent novel. He cajoled the creators Douglas Adams and John Lloyd to meet him at the Argyll and the rest is history.  This meeting must be covered in great detail elsewhere, but you know how to work a search engine, don’t you?

Argyle Arms Oxford Circus beer

When I arrived, the house was packed I took to the least crowded snug and ordered a Doom Bar (as seemed appropriate) but the barman was distracted and I spotted the Märzenfest instead (a fine choice).  Then, after a brief trip upstairs, I tried the other snugs eventually stumbling on one up front just as an infestation of yuppies was vacating; no sooner than I had squatted on the still-warm corner seat, the vacuüm was filled by diffusion.

Other pilgrims (I am guessing) pushed past the suited ones and smiled when I waved my towel at them as they headed toward the bar.

Here’s the map.

Argyle Arms Oxford Circus glass in front snug


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