Riley’s, Victoria Coach Station, London (pub #1490)   2 comments

Riley's Sports Bar Victoria Coach Station

I arrived at Riley’s, the Sports Bar at the End of the Universe, starting to wet myself (hence the shaky exterior photo).  This was to be my final stop on my Towel Day excursion since I missed the Victoria pub as I hurried out of Victoria Tube Stop toward the Victoria Coach Station…it seemed that the gravitational waves at this end of existence were even causing the building signs to stutter and repeat themselves.

Emerging from the loo refreshed, I ordered a cider and dodged darts and pool cues to find a seat in the sport cinema.  But, I pondered, was the Infinite Improbability Drive still controlling today’s crawl. Was there any other galactic/terrestrial confluence for me to find at this late instance?

And, there on the pub’s own flyer was a reference to the Aurora — Illinois, not Borealis. Party on, Wayne and Garth…excellent!

Here’s the map.

Riley's Sports Bar Victoria Coach Station Party On

Posted May 26, 2016 by Drunken Bunny in Pubs

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2 responses to “Riley’s, Victoria Coach Station, London (pub #1490)

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  1. What an excellent Towel Day! Absolutely beautiful.


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