Sun Tavern, Bethnal Green, London (pub #1487)   5 comments

Sun Tavern Bethnal Green


I had an afternoon trip to London scheduled so, before vacating the lab, I checked my RSS feed just to kill some time (or, àpropos the rest of the post, “just to watch it die”).  One blog post in particular caught my eye: it was Towel Day! I retrieved mine from the locker and happily headed out (like most middle-aged geeks I am a huge H2G2 nerd).  Business didn’t take too long so I pootled out to Bethnal Green on a whim and soon found my course set for the Sun (Tavern).


Sun Tavern Bethnal Green bar

Inside I found a hammered copper bartop and tap trough. One of the choices was Railway Porter, a dark, bitterly-chocolatey brew. When the barkeeper hit the register the music changed to Folsom Prison Blues (on which the first line, appropriately enough, is “I hear that train a coming'”).

Of course, Johnny Cash started on Sun Records, so you might excuse me (given the theme of the day) if I — just for a moment — thought the Infinite Improbability Drive was in gear…an idea that repeated itself as the evening wore on.

Sun Tavern Bethnal Green beer and towel




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