Diamond Tap, Newbury, Berkshire (pub #1491)   2 comments

Diamond Tap Newbury

The bus to Hungerford arrived ten minutes early (just before 9:30) and the run to Newbury took less than the estimated 80 minutes so  my planned stop at the Lock, Stock and Barrel would have to await another day.  Instead, the early doors at the Diamond Tap welcomed me, my thirst and my 99p (guest ale at £1.49 and a 50p CAMRA member’s coupon).


Diamond Tap Newbury Surrey Nirvana pump clip


The Surrey Nirvana was florally hoppy like an American blonde might be but the mouth was a bit less astringent…almost viscous (I suspect a healthy shovel or two of maltodextrin).

It was my first visit to Newbury and the Market was set up in this old part of town.  Arriving before 11, there was already cattle-like foot traffic to contend with; by 11:10, the moos filled the streets as an unthinking herd.   Watch for piles of steaming poo as you navigate the pedestrianised areas (there probably aren’t any, but just to be sure…).

Here’s a map.

Diamond Tap Newbury Nirvana


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