Rising Sun, Stockcross, Berkshire (pub #1492)   2 comments

Rising Sun Stockcross sign

I left Newbury reckoning on grabbing my next beer at 11:45 in the Lord Lyon only to top the hill and find this:

Lord Lyon Stockcross out of business


Shit.  A guy in the car park said that Arkell’s closed the place in January but there was no indication on the website nor on the CAMRA run ‘WhatPub’ site.  I slowly jogged a bit further along safe in the knowledge that the Rising Sun opens at noon…or, as it did Saturday, five minutes past (not like I’m working to a timetable or anything but if I knew I was going to get dicked around I would have continued on to the Red House).  The highly continental attitude toward service continued and I finally was served by 10 after, which turned out to be a real service to me: in my annoyance I noticed that the landlady shortchanged me by a pound.


Rising Sun Stockcross beer


To be fair, it was probably harmless and I can’t hold a grudge against anyone that displays the Bremen musicians (substituting a sheep for the donkey and a drake for the cock):


Rising Sun Stockcross Bremen musicians

It’s the only game in town, though.  There are a multitude of options a couple of miles back in Newbury and it is just a little over a mile on narrow, rural tracks to the Red House, but if you find yourself planted in Stockcross, count your coins and leave your watch at home.

Here’s a map.

Rising Sun Stockcross



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