Dundas Arms, Kintbury, Berkshire (pub #1494)   1 comment

Dundas Arms Kintford sign


The roads were less congested than the Kennett and Avon Canal towpath, Saturday, but there was no way to know that until you were on one or the other and then you were locked in for the next few miles.  I found refuge and a means of egress when the Dundas Arms loomed across the water.

Inside, the house seemed a bit too nice for someone in the sweaty state that I presented so I didn’t linger over the beverage choices and grabbed the first thing that looked tasty: an Orchard Pig Reveller…sweet and tart and astringent from the natural malic acid, it is still unchallenging enough for those that prefer industrial ciders.


Dundas Arms Kintford cider


A tour bus arrived at the car park across the canal and the driver told the fatties that waddled off that his assistant would have their tour boat ready in an hour; but, pointing both ways, that there was some of the path to explore and it could be quite nice OR there was a very good pub just across the bridge.  They looked at him the way cattle look up from a feed lot and I could imagine them all chewing away, hearing nothing but quacking noises coming from their helpful guide, a few of them shitting and pissing where they stand.

One wandered over to the tour boat, a long-boat with nothing but windows and, I’m sure, a bar of some sort.  The helper was sweeping the roof and it wouldn’t be ready to board for another 45 minutes or so.  Another trudged over, then another, and soon the entire herd was standing around (I was going to say milling, but that would make what they were doing sound a lot more kinetic than it was).  I got up to return to the run and, whilst arranging the back pack, passed the driver on his way to the pub for a coffee; “idiots, eh?” I said as our eyes met.

“Mm-hmm,” he agreed, grinning a bit.  Or, grimacing…hard to tell.

Here’s a map.

Dundas Arms Kintford



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