John O’Gaunt, Hungerford, Berkshire (pub #1495)   1 comment

John O'Gaunt Hungerford sign

The side route I took on the run, Saturday, deposited me in front of a chippy in Hungerford; unfortunately, the place had already closed for the afternoon. With nothing more substantial on offer (that could be prepared and served in the amount of time I had before the bus back to Swindon), I trotted down to the John O’Gaunt for a stout to stave off starvation.


John O'Gaunt Hungerford stout pump clip


The Guerrilla was good, too. It was black like the void where Trump’s soul, if indeed there was such a thing, would take its vacations; and the flavour and texture were like chewing on a handful of charred espresso and cocoa beans. That’s not at all bad, by the way…can’t complain.

John O'Gaunt Hungerford




Posted June 7, 2016 by Drunken Bunny in Pubs

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