Red House, Marsh Benham, Berkshire (pub #1493)   1 comment

Red House Marsh Benham sign

The run continued and the skies lightened a bit as I headed downhill and into farmland to reach the Red House.

The giant inn seems out-of-place tucked away ten minutes walk from the small village slightly south between the railroad tracks and the canal.  But, it is a lovely house and the hosts are spectacular and the beer choices are very good (and better kept than at the Rising Sun).


Red House Marsh Benham from beer garden


My choice was based on experience, although the first time I got a Butts Barbus Barbus it was mainly for the name of the brewery.  Juvenile, I know.  I know.

I drank in the garden and hikers and cyclists continued to arrive, but no one by car while I was there (although a couple left by motor).  My mind wandered and I put my mp3 player on to hear Hendrix doing…

…can you guess?   No! It was Machine Gun, although I’ve had Red House stuck in my head ever since the run ended.


Red House Marsh Benham


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