Your Order is Served at the DNC (Democratic National Café)   1 comment

Your order is ready

Hi, fellow Bernie supporters.   It looks more and more like your choice in November is between either 1) a deranged, quasi-Republican or 2) Donald Trump.  Or, in easier to (ahem) digest terms: with the closing of the polls at the California primary, your shit sandwich awaits.

The kitchen at DNC headquarters has kindly kept this warm for us while we ate the dessert first.  There’s still time to enjoy the fries (they’re actually quite nice) before the Democratic National Convention and, you never know, maybe the Super Delegates have something a little more palatable hiding in the fridge…unlikely — they are highly unimaginative cooks — but just in case, please, DO keep going to the polls until then for those of us who are already skipping the American meal plan altogether.

To be realistic, you can’t put it off forever.  By November, you need to wolf down the steaming turd burger that is a Clinton presidency.  If you need a hint on how to start, just look at how the GOP is doing it…they all — inadvertantly — ordered the Supersize and they…are…LOVIN’ it.

So, swallow yours soon or be prepared to grab a platter at the GOP all-you-can-eat buffet.  You don’t have to compliment the chef or give her a good review on TripAdvisor…just hold your nose and try to swallow it whole.  And, use a lot of spicy mustard (so you can, one last time, feel the burn).

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