Man of Aran, Rayner’s Lane, NW London (pub #1496)   2 comments

Man of Aran Rayner's Lane

There were many subtle tip-offs that the barmaid at The Man of Aran wasn’t English. Some were just superficial like the way her comfortably athletic body floated around the taps and her lack of any make-up at all (to say nothing of the severe eye paint and liner favoured by the natives); others were expressed superficially but conveyed much more subtle — and, at the same time, striking — differences. The smile, for instance, was comfortably genuine but beneath its general pleasantness there was something more: it seemed to say that not only was she comfortable in her own skin but that, if you are as well then isn’t it just a grand day!

I ordered a Guinness to soak up the atmosphere provided by the hurling and Gaelic football memorabilia that, in a mock-Irish bar, would have accent lighting and a fucking shillelagh somewhere nearby.  “Dottel bay tray farty,” she said while the initial pour settled (I love an Irish accent, me…to be shore, to be shore, diddle-dee-dee potato!); on her return with my £6.60 change from a tenner, she chatted with some regulars all of whom had similarly lovely brogues.


Man of Aran Rayner's Lane bar


A fellow in his early thirties came in and just stopped by to chat, in turn, with some of the older blokes before popping back out. I got the distinct impression that some sort of business had just been discussed but I may have been merely caught up in the atmosphere.

Like I mentioned, this place favours Irish sport which, of course, includes horse racing. Ascot is this week and a couple of the teles were tuned to it but the rest were on sport channels with a GAA focus. I’m probably just childish but as a result I’ve had the song “I want to take you to a GAA bar” stuck in my head ever since:

Here’s the map (near the gorgeous, art deco Rayner’s Lane Station).


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