Brewery Tap, Abingdon, Oxfordshire (pub #1499)   Leave a comment

Brewery Tap Abingdon sign


From the Nag’s Head, the walk to the Oxford bus takes you near enough to the Brewery Tap as to be churlish not to enter for a quick one.  There was a line of pumps and a metal lined trough with even more taps to choose from, but as this isn’t actually the Tap for any eponymous Brewery, I settled on a Lilley’s Sunset Cider which had a vaguely (but not badly) medicinal aftertaste akin to that sort of mineral tartness PEZ candies have.


Brewery Tap Abingdon cider


The Euro 2016 football was on and I watched as Hungary held Portugal to a 3-3 draw from a 3-1 halftime lead. Brilliant: my first soccer coach, Istvan Buczko, had been a Hungarian National Team member in the 60’s so they were my sentimental favourites; and, moreover, the looks on the arrogant Portuguese players’ faces afterwards was worth the time otherwise wasted in front of tele.


Brewery Tap Abingdon bar


I looked around the spectacular 17th century pub and felt quite at home.  Hey…isn’t the guy sitting on the left also on the pub sign?  (Here’s a map to both of them.)


Brewery Tap Abingdon



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