Crock of Gold, Ruislip, Middlesex (pub #1500)   1 comment

Crock of Gold Ruislip


We saw the first half of France v Republic of Ireland (Potato Eaters 1, Frogs nil when we left) whilst eating some stewed calamari and a pizza after a second visit to our likely new house.  The landlord is a great fellow, but I think he likes his pubs a bit more middle-class than I do as he called one we have thought was an okay place “a bit of a White Supremacist bar” and described another — which I found nice enough but also fairly tame — as the kind of place that if you don’t have a blade on you when you enter then one will be issued to you.

So, I find it hard to imagine how he would review the Crock of Gold.  We both found it copacetic and probably just fine to stop in for a nightcap on the way home from time to time.  A woman near us was vaping but not with anything funky and she wasn’t clouding the place up; it was packed but as it is an Irish neighbourhood and the footie was on, this might have been the reason although it seemed like a real locals hangout.  Still, when the final whistle saw Les Bleues 2-1 victors over the Spudkickers (drat!), half the house emptied.

There was one real ale on the single hand pump, a Greene King called London Glory.  It was, essentially, a variation on the GK IPA.  Jackie said the house shiraz is very good.


Crock of Gold Ruislip bar



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